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Frequently Asked Question

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Answer: First you need to open a valid account, you can work by subscribing to any of our services. We will tie you to specific earnings. Details .......

Answer: There is an indicator of the user activity on the site that helps to identify real users from bots that automatically try to trick the system. When you reach a new level, you get bonuses.

Answer: You need to submit the information in the appropriate place for the topic you want to promote. Each project will have prices and expiration date. Mail: [email protected]

Answer: Withdrawal Limit 10 - 100 USD

Answer: We have introduced monthly payment system, payment request will be given on 1-3 of every month, payment will be made on 5-7.

Answer: Multiple accounts can be created on one device.

Answer: This rule can be changed or extended for the benefit of the company.